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Senior Wellness Care

Many pet owners believethat their four-legged friends are just going to live a relatively short life, get old, and pass on. But modern veterinary medicine can help pets live longermore comfortable lives. Catching problems early can make all the difference. Report and changes in appetite, thirst, bad breath, lumps, and changes in behavior. Talk your veterinarian often, and work out a senior wellness plan to help your pet live happy senior years.

Pets over the age of seven are considered seniors. As in all stages, our goal for the golden years of your pet’s life is to provide a healthy, comfortable, long life. The best way to do this is to catch diseases early. If illnesses and diseases are diagnosed and treated early, years and comfort can be added to your pet’s life.

Since changes happen rapidly in animals, senior wellness exams are performed every 6 months. We also recommend that blood and urine be tested once a year to check the “inside health” as well. At your pet’s senior wellness appointments, the doctor will perform a full physical exam and discuss any changes in your pet’s lifestyle. At this point, the doctor will review with you the different options available for blood work or other diagnostic testing, and make recommendations specific to your pet.