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Traveling with Your Pet

DOMESTIC TRAVEL (EXCLUSIVE OF HAWAII):  A health certificate issued within 10 days of travel is the general requirement of most airlines.  Check with your air carrier to confirm their requirements.  The Health Certificate requires an examination by a veterinarian on the day it is issued.   What you need to bring to your Health Certificate exam appointment:

  • Your dog or cat
  • Vaccination information if we do not have on file.  The rabies vaccination must be current.
  • The specific address of where you are traveling if you are traveling with your pet.  If you are shipping your pet and another person will be receiving the pet, the name, address and phone number of the recipient is needed.


INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL:   The requirements for each country are highly variable.  There are very specific requirements for timing of vaccinations, microchip placement, laboratory testing and treatments that must be met.  If you plan to travel with your pet internationally, go to the APHIS website to check the requirements for the country you will be traveling to.

International Travel with Pets

The process may need to begin up to 6 months prior to travel.  Once you know the requirements, call us well in advance to schedule the International Health Certificate exam.  One of our IHC staff specialists will work with you through the process.

There are companies that will coordinate paperwork and travel arrangements between the veterinary clinic and the owner. 

Pet Relocation

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